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  Each One a Work of Art...
Each sprinkler is created by hand with imagination and precision. Mickey Bush has been making sprinklers for 12 years, in the studio he built on his property in Saugerties, NY. He hand bends the copper tubing, hand cuts the designs and hand solders the elements in each sprinkler. He and his wife Kathy sell the sprinklers at craft shows all over the East Coast.
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  Top Quality Materials & Workmanship...
Mickey uses only solid copper tubing, not copper plate. For the designs within the sprinklers he uses sheet copper. All sprinklers come with precision-machined brass fittings and sturdy hand-made bases for easy set-up and use. Left untreated, the sprinklers will age to a beautiful patina. Sprinklers produce an elliptical spray pattern, and require very little water pressure to operate effectively.
  A Range of Dazzling Designs...
Each sprinkler is designed to exacting specifications and standards. Sprinklers by Mick range from the classic intersecting hoops, to more complex designs that include elements such as stained glass, spinners and beads. Watching your sprinkler spinning in the sunlight, you'll be mesmerized by the beautiful flow of water. If you're looking for something to complement your landscape, or to make a bold statement, you can choose from a dazzling selection. And you can be assured that--whichever sprinkler you choose--you will have a superior work of art and quality.
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