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Water Your Garden With Style...
The heart of your garden is water...it nourishes and sustains your flowers, shrubs and trees. Why settle for ordinary sprinklers that are not always effective, when you can have efficiency as well as beauty and art? Sprinklers by Mick are unique, hand-crafted works of art. Sure, they're beautiful to look at. But they actually work, too! What could be better than beauty and function? Sprinklers by Mick satisfy your garden's need for water, while satisfying your craving for functionality that is truly art. Sprinklers by Mick provide a focal point that complements your landscape.

Made in the USA...

Sprinklers by Mick are made by hand, in the USA. Mickey Bush, the artisan, cuts, bends and assembles every sprinkler. His attention to detail and to craftsmanship ensure that your copper sprinkler will serve you and your garden for many years.

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A Special Gift...

If you're looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds, for a housewarming, for an anniversary or for any celebration, you can choose from dozens of designs, each hand-made with care. If you've got a special design in mind, tell us and we'll do our best to customize a sprinkler for you. We've made custom designs featuring animals, plants and even architectural elements.

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